[Portfolio] question re: deleting feedback and evaluation forms

Summers, Teggin techambe at vt.edu
Fri Aug 7 10:19:22 PDT 2009

Hi All,


We've run into a question from one of our faculty members using feedback
and evaluation forms in a matrix.  We have a live, published matrix with
feedback and evaluation forms.  Does anyone know of a way to either edit
or delete those forms once a student/faculty member has filled them out
and submitted them into a matrix?


We've tried editing/deleting the form from within the Portfolio
Interaction folder but are told we do not have permission to alter the
file.  There currently are no edit or delete options next to the form
links in the matrix.  Is there some other way that we are overlooking?


I'm also wondering if this is something that is addressed with 2.6/2.7
updates and enhancements.


Any information anyone can offer on this issue would be greatly


On an unrelated note, I was on vacation the past two Mondays but am
looking forward to talking with everybody again on Monday morning's
conference call.


All best,



Teggin Summers, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, ePortfolio Initiatives

2210B Torgersen Hall

Learning Technologies; Virginia Tech

teggin at vt.edu; (540) 231-0982



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