[Portfolio] Sakai 2.6.x Portfolio Proposed Change

Beth Kirschner bkirschn at umich.edu
Mon Apr 6 14:59:53 PDT 2009

We currently have several reported issues with the 2.6.x Portfolio  
"Add/Edit Content Page":

These bugs refer to the fact that any actions from the Add/Edit  
Content page (e.g. preview, edit selected form) lose any interim,  
unsaved changes:

These bugs refer to confusion as to the function of the Save/Undo  

On today's call, we discussed removing the Save/Undo buttons, and  
making all changes immediate (which is consistent with the "Summary"  
page, though not with the "Share with Others" page). This would  
simplify the interface and resolve the above issues. However, it does  
remove the ability to "cancel/undo" a set of changes on this page, and  
moves responsibility for undo actions to the user.

Barring objections, we'd like to make this change for Sakai 2.6.x.  
Given the close timeframe, please send your comments/questions either  
to me or this list by the end of day Wednesday.

- Beth

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