[WG: Sakai QA] [Building Sakai] content and mailarchive "runconversion" scripts for 2.6+

Seth Theriault slt at columbia.edu
Fri Mar 20 10:04:31 PDT 2009

Seth Theriault wrote:

> The new scripts offer are based on Ray Davis's "experiemental" 
> patch for the content-runconversion script in SAK-15513. They 
> both work the same way offer the same command-line options, and 
> provide a general example for how to write these scripts.

In addition to content and mailarchive, assignments also has a 
conversion script that appears to date back to 2.5:


More detail can found in this JIRA:


Can someone tell me if this still needs to be in 2.6? Can people 
who might upgrade from 2.4.* directly to 2.6 still use this 
"runconversion" stuff (with the obvious changes for CLASSPATH)??


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