[WG: Sakai QA] URGENT Help Needed - 2.6.x Fixes to Merge - Unverified

Noah Botimer botimer at umich.edu
Tue Apr 7 08:23:07 PDT 2009

This is merged to a new JIRA branch: https://source.sakaiproject.org/ 

I have added steps to verify to the ticket: http:// 

It has been tested locally and checks out.


On Apr 6, 2009, at 2:11 PM, Seth Theriault wrote:

> Noah Botimer wrote:
>> I can prepare a patch for just SAK-15993 (not SAK-15994)
>> against 2.6.x that we can test atomically. That would be a
>> reduced surface area for change and should be relatively
>> unobjectionable for the 2.6.0 release. But I need to know
>> which direction we should head.
> +1 for this incremental approach. The widespread deployment of
> FCK 2.6.4 could well be very disruptive at this moment in
> time.
> Seth

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