[Deploying Sakai] Seeking NFS migration advice

Crossman, Eric ecrossman at ufl.edu
Tue Feb 3 10:42:48 PST 2015

Here at the University of Florida we are in the midst of migrating our Sakai-related NFS exports from one appliance to another (going from EMC NSG8 to Isilon). One of the obstacles we have run into is the sheer size of our content file system. Our production content file systems is now around 9.0 TB. According to our TSM backups, this is well over 10,000,000 files. In our attempts to perform incremental rsync updates of this file system to the new Isilon NFS mount, we have found that it is taking 11-12 hours to complete. Declaring an outage of 12+ hours is obviously unacceptable to our users.

We are trying to determine some alternative approaches in order to minimize the downtime required for this transition. We would like to know what are the ramifications if we were to rsync sub-sets of the content file system while Sakai is still running and available to users. Are there any in-memory caches or places in the database that would be out of sync if the underlying file system contents changes while Sakai is running? Any other considerations that we may be overlooking?

Are there any other suggestions of other approaches to move the content file system?

Eric Crossman
University of Florida

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