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Hi Carla,

Our Respondus Control Panel shows two different downloads depending on the version you are running.

The download for versions 2.9 or lower has an additional file (commons-codec-1.4). The download for versions 2.10 or higher does not have this file.

Also, each download is unique to the environment that is defined as a profile in the Control Panel Admin Area of Respondus. If you open the respondus-samigo-ldb-1.0.6.jar and drill to \com\respondus\sakai\samigo\ldb\bundle\Config.properties, the LDB_SERVERNAME will indicate what profile this download was meant for.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Carla

We are successfully running Respondus with Sakai 10 with Samigo.

You will need the latest version of the integration jar, respondus-samigo-ldb-1.0.6.zip.

For testing, you might want to switch on debugging, e.g. in sakai.properties:

log.config.count = 2

Your Sakai servers need to have http access to the Respondus servers to fetch tokens.


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Subject: [Building Sakai] Respondus LockDown Browser Integration


Is anybody running successfully Respondus LockDown Browser with Sakai 2.8.2 or Sakai 10 using SAMigo?

We are trying to integrate Respondus LockDown Browser with our instances of Sakai. We have Sakai 2.8.2 in production and Sakai 10 in a test server.

We followed the instructions on the Admin Guide provided by Respondus, downloaded the zip file, installed the jar files and made the appropriate changes in Sakai.properties.

In Sakai 2.8 we don't even see the option for Respondus LockDown Browser in the settings of the quiz.

In Sakai 10 everything looks good, but when we open the quiz as a student using LockDown Browser it still says "Requires LockDown Browser", even though we are within the browser.

Has anybody experienced something like this? Any advice?



Carla G Villanueva  |  ITS Analyst  |  Boston University School of Management
 595 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215 | 617.353.5621  carla at bu.edu<mailto:carla at bu.edu>


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