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Mon Jun 30 07:57:30 PDT 2014

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Dear Community,

The Sakai Core Team is happy to announce the release of Sakai 10.0! 
Congratulations to our worldwide team on the successful completion of 
Sakai 10.0 !

Sakai 10 builds on the solid work of the Sakai 2.9.3 release. We have 
two new tool contributions, better support for audio and video using 
HTML 5, infrastructure improvements, about 50 security fixes, 
performance improvements, a number of new features, and close to 2,000 
fixes! Highlights include, but are not limited to:

  * Signup tool, previously a Contrib tool, is now part of Sakai core.
  * Delegated Access tool, previously a Contrib tool, is now part of
    Sakai core.
  * Updated and enhanced context sensitive help  includes step-by-step
    instructions, and in a format that is easier to modify to your
    institution's needs.
  * IMS LTI 2.0 - first LMS (learning management system) with support
    for LTI 2.0.
  * IMS Common Cartridge (CC) upgrade. Support for reading CC files is
    able to read CC versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and it can export data in CC
    version 1.1 or 1.2. User selectable.
  * Peer graded Assignments - Option for students to review each other's
  * Group Assignments - Option for students to submit, and be graded
    upon, work as a group.
  * Test and Quizzes has new question types: Calculated question and
    Extended Matching Items. Plus improved precision on numeric answers
    and a new accordion-style interface for quiz setup.
  * Lessons (aka LessonBuilder) toolbar has been redesigned and
    simplified, better support for embedded Audio and video, new Table
    of Contents feature, support for inline use of polls, and better
    overall look and feel.
  * Resources has support for drag and drop adding of files from desktop
    for all browsers, and support for folder drag and drop in Chrome.
  * Syllabus Tool updated with a new interface, bulk update of syllabus
    items, accordion view, and better handling of link migration.
  * Gradebook added support for extra credit.
  * Distributed Cacheing provides support for JCache/JSR-107 which
    includes improvement to the default cache sizes and better control
    by configuration. Session replication to failover from one server to
    another without losing session data. Overall provides better
    performance for large Sakai installation (though please note that
    these features are not turned on by default OOTB).
  * Project Keitai (mobile) improved REST API support in anticipation of
    Sakai Mobile applications.
  * Security Updates - The Sakai community fixed about 50 security
    issues including various XSS issues and CSRF issues.  AntiSamy is on
    by default in Sakai 2.9.3 and Sakai 10. AntiSamy ensures that user
    supplied HTML/CSS is in compliance within an application's rules.
  * Student Success Portal - new integration available.
  * Java - added support for JDK 7.x. JDK 8.x support is in process of
    being added.
  * Sakai technical organization simplified - Reincorporated many of the
    "Indies" to make management of Sakai releases and reporting of
    issues easier.

Release notes available in English, Spanish and Chinese

Neal Caidin
Sakai Community Coordinator
Apereo Foundation
neal.caidin at apereo.org
Skype me! (but let me know in advance for the first interaction) - nealkdin

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