[Deploying Sakai] Sakai fails to load.

Gesh hseG gesh at gesh.uni.cx
Mon Jan 20 13:54:49 PST 2014

The instructions you attached seem to be for making a dev build.
All I want is to have a production version of Sakai running on my server.
The only instructions I found that seemed relevant are at
However, I've been told earlier in this thread that Debian's Tomcat package
won't work with Sakai, and that I should install Tomcat manually.
A) The wiki pages I've linked to are at the very least inconsistent in the
   for JAVA_OPTS.
B) The instructions given there are confusing, and having muddled as best as
   I could with them, led me to the logs sent before at best.
Therefore can someone please say unequivocally:
A) Can I use Debian's prepackaged Java and Tomcat packages in installing
   If not, why not (both what Sakai needs that it doesn't supply and why it
needs it)?
B) If I can't use the prepackaged Java and Tomcat, precisely how do I
install them?
   Attempts to do so myself led to a non-working Tomcat.
Hoping this will be over soon.
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