[Deploying Sakai] Trouble running SAKAI using HTTPS

Luis Camargo luis at policymedical.com
Thu Feb 27 11:51:14 PST 2014


I've recently started to use sakai and I'm facing a problem which I can't
find the solution maybe some good soul from this list could help me.

The problem is related to running sakai under HTTPS. Whenever I try to
access the gradebook tool my browser shows me that some content was blocked
due to they are not being requested using https even though I've set the
property force.url.secure=*443* in default.sakai.properties.

I've noticed that after the gradebook page is loaded an iframe is being
rendered with src pointing to:


Until here it's all fine, but inside this iframe all urls gets back to
http, and the browser blocks the content saying "HTTPS security is
compromissed by [urls for images, js, css]"

I've tried to access the url from the iframe directly and I realized that
it redirects me to a second url:


Showing me that something is going wrong in this redirection and changes
the protocol.

Any ideas?

I'm setting up a developer environment to try to debug, but I see there are
a lot of companies using sakai under https what makes me think that it
shouldn't be a code issue but a configuration/environment issue.

Any help will be welcome.


Best Regards,

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