[Deploying Sakai] reg: sakai and BBB integration

prabhu prabhu142003 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 09:25:42 PDT 2012


I am trying to integrate sakai 2.8.0 and BBB 1.0.7.
BBB is working fine with the demo.

Please help me to fix this

When i access meeting in sakai, it shows the errors as

Failed to get recordings from server
Failed to get meeting from server

Server response: Bad Request [code: 400]

And the log file sakai shows the error as
*Could not process entity:
/bbb-meeting/076b6e92-6c4c-4383-a4f1-9de70b2d9fbe (400)[null]: You did not
pass the checksum security check (checksumError) (rethrown)*
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