[Deploying Sakai] roster photos in 2.8.1

Ron Peterson rpeterso at mtholyoke.edu
Thu Jun 14 07:02:42 PDT 2012

I'm trying to use url's to official photos instead, but those don't show up
either.  I've inserted a record for my profile like:

insert into profile_images_official_t ( user_uuid, url ) values (
'my_uuid', 'https://aserver.mtholyoke.edu/pictures/me.jpg' );

I have configured sakai.properties like:


After restarting tomcat, I still see no official photo for my profile when
I select 'Use University Id Picture' on my profile page.  Also, even though
have profile2.picture.change.enabled=false, I still have the option to
either display 'None', 'Use University Id Picture', or 'Use Picture URL' in
my profile page.  That doesn't seem right either.

What might I be doing wrong here?


On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 5:38 PM, Ron Peterson <rpeterso at mtholyoke.edu>wrote:

> I'm having trouble w/ roster photos using the new profile2 setup in 2.8.
>  I have jpegPhoto in my ldap records, and I'm mapping this attribute in
> jldap-beans.xml
>     <bean id="edu.amc.sakai.user.LdapAttributeMapper"
>             class="edu.amc.sakai.user.SimpleLdapAttributeMapper"
>             init-method="init"
>             singleton="true">
>       <property name="attributeMappings">
>         <map>
>           <entry key="jpegPhoto"><value>jpegPhoto</value></entry>
> ...
>         </map>
>       </property>
> My sakai.properties files contains:
> profile.manager.integration.bean=org.sakaiproject.profile2.legacy.ProfileManager
> profile2.official.image.enabled=true
> profile2.official.image.source=provider
> profile2.official.image.attribute=jpegPhoto
> My rosters still show empty photos (No Official Photo is Available)
>  however.  What am I missing?
> -Ron-
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