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Sun Jul 22 23:20:49 PDT 2012


I am quite new to sakai and in my current(new) job I need to handle systems
and sakai is one of them. I have asked to upgrade the sakai(2.6.x) to 2.8.0
and I have upgraded with the help from online resources and knowledge
sharing blogs from other sakai users.
As far as I know, the upgrade went smoothly with basic functions are
working fine. But I have this "${sakai_html_head_css}" thing appear at the
left top corner of the sakai page. I have been trying to fix which caused
this variable/attributes to appear on the page.
I am sorry, I could not seek any help from my work as my ancestor has
already helped when I joined.

Below is the steps that I carried out
1. converted database(oracle 10g) to 2.8.0
2. Install tomcat 5.5.35 and build sakai using maven (path /srv/tomcat)
3. copy some folder from  previous $TOMCAT/webapps to newly installed

Much appreciated if you could give me hints or tips to fix this little
annonying problem.


best regards,
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