[Deploying Sakai] Feedback Tool in Sakai

Jeff Davidson jdavidso at usouthal.edu
Sun Jan 22 18:34:19 PST 2012

We currently are testing and looking at implementing 
the Feedback tool in Sakai 2.8.
In testing and evaluating the tool, a couple of questions and
potential issues come up:
1. Is there any advantage to the Feedback tool versus
    an instructor just posting comments directly into
    a student's assignment or test when grading?
2. It appears a feedback file must be created on the PC
    then imported into the feedback tool based on the
    Sakai online help/documentation.  At first glance,
    this seems cumbersome, time consuming and even
    dangerous (should an instructor put the wrong 
    user ID on a record line and post grade information
    to the wrong student, i.e., potential FERPA issue).
Anyone currently using the Feedback tool or who has
considered using the Feedback tool, your comments
are appreciated.
Jeff Davidson
Manager, Learning Management System Services
Innovation in Learning Center
University of South Alabama
(251) 380-2845
(251) 380-2713 (fax)

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