[Deploying Sakai] [Building Sakai] URGENT: Need some advice on sites created without roles

Seth Theriault slt at columbia.edu
Mon Apr 2 09:07:53 PDT 2012

Steve Swinsburg wrote:

> For 1 I was going to suggest the copyRole web service. It should be pretty easy to just get a list of the site ids and adjust the (latest version of this) perl script:
> https://source.sakaiproject.org/contrib//swinsburg/webservice-scripts/sync-roles-in-sites.pl

Thanks. I was able to modify this script for local use and 
testing seems to show it works.

One tip for everyone: I had to make an additional 
setRoleForAuthzGroupMaintenance() method call to properrly set 
the "maintain" role in the site.


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