[Deploying Sakai] Load balancer issues with heavy load

Maurer, Christopher Wayne chmaurer at iupui.edu
Thu Sep 1 09:38:28 PDT 2011

We have seen this periodically before, but never to the extent that we have for this start of semester.
What is happening is that folks start out on one server in our cluster and the load balancer decides that that node is too busy and sends them over to a different node.  For "normal" navigation activity, it's not really a big deal.  It does become a big deal when they are in the middle of taking an assessment, or posting an announcement or something like that.  As far as the user knows, they hit submit and they expect that their transaction completed.  But it didn't, because they got sent to a new node.
Do other institutions see these types of issues?  Just today we finally changed the setting to keep people locked to one server, so we're hoping that helps in a positive way.
Thoughts from others?

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