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I haven't heard of exactly what you describe, but there are some other course shopping models I've seen. 

One is to use the Sakai syllabus tool and make part or all of syllabi public, and then expose Sakai's public search tool on the gateway or elsewhere for shoppers to browse syllabi (and other public materials). Pros: enables faculty to opt in by making syllabi public. Cons: requires faculty to opt in to make syllabi public. 

Another model is to make all course sites joinable for a shopping period and set up a special (read-only) auditing role for anyone who joins. Then when the shopping period is over, you programmatically make all course sites unjoinable and kick out anyone still in the special auditor role. Then an SIS integration can take over alone to manage site rosters with fully registered students. 

There are probably other ideas as well. 

- Nate

On May 6, 2011, at 8:06 AM, Laura Gekeler <lgekeler at nd.edu> wrote:

> Good Friday all,
> Has anyone built anything like a 'class shopping' widget that would display a PDF of the syllabus for a Sakai course elsewhere (in a Class Search internal application) so that students could search and shop for courses, click on a link for more details and be taken to the syllabus as it exists in Sakai?
> I would be very interested in hearing from anyone with such a thing in production or contemplating doing something like it. If there's some other list I should distribute this question on, please advise.
> Thanks,
> Laura
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