[Deploying Sakai] Search tool and rebuilding index

Leon Kolchinsky lkolchin at gmail.com
Mon May 2 22:32:32 PDT 2011


I'd like to enable "Search tool" on both of our Sakai nodes (v.2.6.2)
running behind load balancer and using the same Oracle DB.

I'm testing it now on the dev. server and it seems that it's not finding
announcement for example.

I've read https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/SEARCH/Home but find
it a bit non user friendly (i.e. configuration instructions ;).

So I've several questions:

1) What other parameters should I use for  for my installation (besides

2) How can I rebuild indexes?
What command should I run? What parameter should I configure for that in
Should I configure a path for indexes in sakai.properties? How would you
sync. those indexes on both nodes?
If I have 2 nodes running on the same Oracle DB
(Sorry couldn't find much info on that)

Thanks in advance for any help,
Leon Kolchinsky
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