[Deploying Sakai] Sakai Deployment

Larry Dougher ldougher at windsorschools.net
Thu Mar 31 07:19:29 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm trying to follow the tutorial (
but I can't find the httpd.conf file anywhere.

Basically, I would like to force it to be secure and obviously not be on
port 8080 so that people have to enter it every time they want to get there.
 Our instance is actually up on http://sakai.windsorschools.net:8080/portal but
I would like it to be secure all the time for the logins, etc.  I am
assuming I need to do that first step (proxy pass reverse, etc.) with the
httpd.conf file before moving on to serverinfo.xml.

I could also look into doing tomcat natively according to the instructions
and I don't mind doing that but I want users to type in simply
sakai.windsorschools.net and it re-directs them to
https://sakai.windsorschools.net/portal.  I don't mind using a self-signed
cert just to get it up and running for the pilot.  I have a wildcard I can
use later on for a proper cert.


Larry Dougher

Technology Coordinator / ACSP 10.6 / ACMT

Windsor School District

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