[Deploying Sakai] Maintenance Branch Merge candidate: SAK-19778

Kevin Chan kevin at media.berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 15 16:14:48 PDT 2011

Hi all,

Candidate Jira: https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-19778
Notification of attachment to Syllabus is terse and contains no Subject


Items for Qualification followed by my notes:

>  The change is narrow in scope (modest changes to a single project)
+1 (1 line change to Syllabus)

>  The change has been reviewed and approved by tool lead for the
>  maintenance branch
I am not sure who the tool lead for Syllabus is for the 2.7.x branch (is 
that information somewhere in Confluence?).
However, a fix for trunk has been checked in and the patch was verified 
against 2.7.1.

>  The change does not require database changes

>  The change has been running in production for one month minimum
unknown, but since Rutgers verified the fix for 2.7.1 in Jan. 2011, so 
perhaps its in their code for 6 months now

>  Changes that could impact internationalization negatively must be
>  tested in two languages that are not variants of the same country.

>  The change is non-disruptive to the user experience ( I.e. changes
>  that don't require user retraining and are unlikely to break existing
>  customizations). Exceptions to this rule may be made if the change is
>  configurable and is disabled by default.

>  Prior to merging, the change must be tested with the target
>  maintenance branch, by the requesting institution, using a documented
>  test plan.
We are testing this fix now; however, I do not see a Sakai 2.7 Test Plan 
for Syllabus:

>  The change must be preceded by a public announcement on the
>  production and dev lists that alerts community members to the
>  impending addition of a new feature in one or more maintenance
>  branches. The announcement will describe the new feature,
>  configuration options, test plans, relevant tickets, etc. When the
>  change is committed a follow-up announcement listing the branch
>  revision incorporating the change will be published. The information
>  provided in such announcements will also be added to relevant release
>  notes in Confluence and elsewhere.
Is this email sufficient to satisfy the "public announcement" requirement?

Can someone list the locations re: where the 2.7.x (for example) release 
notes are that requires updating?


   Kevin Chan

   Operations Team
   Educational Technology Services
   UC Berkeley

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