[Deploying Sakai] Production List - Edit Class Rosters -- any fix for faculty accidentally removing their own access?

Regan, Alan Alan.Regan at pepperdine.edu
Thu Jan 13 11:13:02 PST 2011

Dear Sakai dev list,

At Pepperdine, we are using the Edit Class Roster(s) functionality within official course sites.  This is really helpful so that student enrollments and faculty assignments are automated for our users.

However, we're noticing that some faculty make an occasional mistake.  They can accidentally remove their class roster.  That's okay, except that when they remove the roster, they also remove themselves.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Is there a patch or development project that can address this situation?  We definitely need automated enrollments.  However, we feel that if a roster is removed, only the students should be removed, not all instructors, too.  As it stands, our professors experience panic and frustration ("My class is gone!") and on the support side, we're seeing more calls in this situation at the beginning of the term.

As background:

*         We're on Sakai 2.6.3

*         We auto create all classes per term (all courses for all five schools)

*         We auto populate student enrollments and faculty assignments

Any thoughts or feedback y'all may have would be greatly appreciated.


Alan Regan, MFA
Manager, Technology and Learning
Information Technology
Pepperdine University
(310) 506-6756

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