[Deploying Sakai] Creating new course types

Tom Hall thall at brocku.ca
Thu Feb 17 11:27:36 PST 2011

Hi everyone

We need to create an additional site type with the same roles as our 
'course' type.  The difference between the two site types is to be that 
'course' will not allow the join functionality while the new type 
'adhoc' will.  I created a copy of the !site.template.course as 
!site.template.adhoc (using the 'save as' operation from 

We are able to create sites and everything appears to be OK until an 
attempt is made to add tools via the site Info tool and selecting Edit 
Tools.  The list of tools appears and can be selected.  Pressing the 
Continue button produces a list of tools which only includes Home 
(sakai.iframe.site) rather than the complete list of existing tools 
added during the creation process (via web service calls) and the new 
ones added via the web page.  Clicking the finish button results in all 
tools being removed from the site.  It also appears that the page 
property 'is_home_page' is not being added to the 'Home' 
(sakai.iframe.site) tool via the web service.  The web service calls 
being used are the same ones that we use to create our course sites with 
the site type set accordingly.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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