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Larry Dougher ldougher at windsorschools.net
Tue Apr 12 16:50:18 PDT 2011

Thanks Mike, that worked but my question is, I need to do that with every
teacher who has logged in?  Fortunately, it's a small pilot but it sems like
there should be a better way.


Larry Dougher

Technology Coordinator / ACSP 10.6 / ACMT

Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union

On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 7:37 PM, Mike De Simone <michael.desimone at rsmart.com
> wrote:

> If you edited the template after logging in (like it sounds like you did),
> you would have to delete your MyWorkspace, then login again to force Sakai
> to recreate it.  Then you will see the new tools you added to
> !user.Faculty.  You can use the Sites tool to delete this.  It'll be a site
> with id of ~ + internal sakai id. e.g.,
> '~636d223d-a5ef-4094-b14c-73213f79cf8d'.  You won't lose any data per se,
> but any customizations to the site tools may be lost. For example, if you've
> set up a web content URL, that *may* disappear, although I'm not 100%
> certain of that.  Uploaded files and things like that will be still there.
> Thanks,
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> Mike DeSimone
> Lead Systems Engineer
> *r**Smart* | 602-490-0473
> On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 16:26, Larry Dougher <ldougher at windsorschools.net>wrote:
>> Okay, I searched the archives and googled for a while and I haven't the
>> exact answer, but I apologize for the basic question.
>> Basically, I want to edit the default left-hand navigation menu for
>> teachers (for example, adding a wiki, Gradebook, etc.) that haven't logged
>> in yet as well as those that have logged in.  I have created
>> !user.template.Faculty in realms but I couldn't see a Tool button.
>> So, I followed some online directions I found and went to Administration
>> Workspace, then to Sites and chose the !user Site ID and added the Gradebook
>> tool.  I logged out as admin and back in just to make sure it took, and it
>> did.  However, when I login as my personal login (as a Faculty type of
>> course, and someone who has logged in before), I don't see Gradebook in the
>> left-hand side in My Workspace.  What am I missing?
>> Thanks,
>> Larry Dougher
>> Technology Coordinator / ACSP 10.6 / ACMT
>> Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union
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