[Deploying Sakai] Issue with 1 of our production servers.

Tom Hall thall at brocku.ca
Mon Apr 4 07:39:15 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone

One of the 5 application servers in our production environment has 
started to have performance problems, starting at about 8:59 EDT 
yesterday morning according to our monitoring tools.  The problem was 
actually reported via an php web site that is running on the same server 
that makes web service calls to the local instance of Sakai and also 
accesses the same database server.  According to the catalina.out and 
apache logs, there was no unusual activity at that time.  Our network 
monitors don't show any unusual traffic levels either.

I have done a reboot of the system and restarted Sakai (without letting 
any users near it).  During the start process, there appears to be a 
very long pause with the last line in catalina.out being

2011-04-04 10:17:33,310  INFO main 
org.sakaiproject.site.impl.DbSiteService - init(): site table: 
SAKAI_SITE external locks: true

Normal start up times are around 75000 ms, this mornings was 332045 ms.

The SAKAI_LOCKS table is empty when this is pause occurs.

Does anyone have any suggestions.



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