[Deploying Sakai] Academic Year Inquiry

Anand Mehta anand.mehta at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 09:49:20 PDT 2010

Hello Graham,

You can do the following to add terms:

# adding a term for course sites in Sakai


insert into cm_academic_session_t values 
(0,1,'admin','2010-06-15','admin','2010-06-15','SUMMER 2010','SUMMER 


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I have finally been able t get sakai up and running after many weeks and
now would like to start getting my resources on how I can move over from
moodle to sakai as our online environment. In searching the mailing
lists, I have not found the right information to create Academic year
table values so that I can create a course. I am presently using version
2.7.1. Does anyone have resources or know where I can find the sable
structure to be able to handle this? Once I can get this done, I can
post my instructions on how to get sakai up and running from a system
admin position.

Graham Pearson

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