[Deploying Sakai] Site Archiving

Tom Hall thall at brocku.ca
Thu Nov 25 05:41:55 PST 2010

Good day everyone

I am shortly going to start working on an approach to archive our Sakai 
sites.  Based on the testing and web searching I have done so far, I 
have some questions.

1) From what I can tell the Site Archive tool does not archive all of 
the data for all of the tools in a site (in particular Gradebook and 
SiteStats, two favorites of our instructors).  Is there a way to 
configure the Site Archive tool to archive all of the tools in a site?

2)  Has anyone come up with a way to do cross version restores (i.e. 
archive a site from Sakai 2.5 and restore it in 2.6, 2.7 or later)?

3) Is there a way to delete a site completely using an API?  I have 
noticed that deleting a site leaves some data behind.



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