[Deploying Sakai] Recommended hardware for small Sakai installation

Jez Cope j.cope at bath.ac.uk
Thu Nov 11 08:54:31 PST 2010

I am interested in deploying Sakai for a small group of users (25-30, 
ramping up to 200 over several years), and would appreciate some advice 
on what hardware I should be looking at.

My initial survey of the production/pilot deployments database on Jira 
was fairly inconclusive, as there are very few installations listed of 
such a small size.

We'll be using Sakai in a research context, so I'm planning to store 
resources in the filesystem as they may get quite large. We'll be using 
one of the university's main DB servers, so I'm only interested in 
hardware to run the app server on its own.

I'd be grateful for any advice on CPU/memory requirements or general 
comments on this situation that the community might have.

Thanks in advance,

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