[Deploying Sakai] UTF8 vs AL32UTF8

Remi Saias remi.saias at hec.ca
Fri May 28 07:37:17 PDT 2010


I was wondering what is the impact to use an Oracle database encoded 
with UTF8 instead of AL32UTF8 as recommended on confluence 

I read that the difference only shows up in characters beyond U+FFFF but 
I have no idea what that means practically!

We have been running with this encoding for a couple of months and saw 
no problems with French or Spanish characters. We don't have specific 
plans for using Chinese or Arabic characters yet but I wonder if that 
would be problematic using Oracle's UTF8 which apparently is not a true 

Thanks for any information!

Rémi Saïas
Analyste en informatique
Gestion des technologies de l'information - HEC Montréal
Projet Sakai-OpenSyllabus: 514.340.6776 - Decelles 4.070 (UdeM B-2249)

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