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Stephen Marquard stephen.marquard at uct.ac.za
Tue Mar 2 23:14:45 PST 2010

Hi Cheryl,

As a starting point, do a 

kill -3 PID

where PID is the process ID of the java process, and the look at the thread list in catalina.out to see if there are any threads that appear stuck.


>>> Cheryl Cramer <cramerc at willamette.edu> 2010/03/03 04:13 AM >>>
We are running an instance of Sakai 2.6; two load-balanced servers.  Red 
Hat Linux.  Nothing in the system has changed that we know of since Jan. 
5, 2010.  At 1 AM today, one server CPU suddenly pegged at 98-100%; the 
other ran fine until 9 AM, when it exhibited the same problem.  We've 
stopped and restarted both several times; they will run for anywhere 
from 20 minutes to several hours before CPU use climbs to 100% again.  
We haven't been able to find anything consistent in the logs in the time 
frames of the events.

Might this be related to #SAK-11098?  Any suggestions of what to look 
for to help troubleshoot this problem?  Is there a fix if the problem 
continues to recur after restarting?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheryl Cramer
Director of User Services
Willamette Integrated Technology Services
900 State St.
Salem, OR  97301

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