[Deploying Sakai] Cannot receive mail notifications

Lee Evan Jimenez saga_cebu at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 10 18:59:55 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

After quite some time of installing Sakai, I have managed to make it run at my local machine.
I am trying to make myself comfortable by testing the application(Sakai 2.6). I found out that (if properly set) a user added to a site can be notified via email. Searching the mailing list, the properties needed to set to be able to send outgoing email from Sakai are: 
'smtp at org.sakaiproject.email.api.EmailService' and 'serverName'
Since I am running it locally, I set the serverName to 'localhost' and also the other property (not sure if this is correct but gave it a try). After adding a user to a site, the application works fine, but the Tomcat logs throws a 'SendFailedException..Unable to relay to xxx at xxx.com' and no email was received in the user's email address.

Thanks for the time.
- Evan

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