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Steve Swinsburg steve.swinsburg at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 14:57:39 PST 2010

Hi Paul,

In the classic Profile, the photo URL of an external photo goes in the PICTURE_URL field and/or the bytes of that photo can go into the JPEG_PHOTO field, as you rightly deduced. The profile allows a user to toggle whether or not the official photo is used and to add the URL to a picture of their choosing. However, the system assume the official photo is the binary one. If they add a URL, then the official one that you entered is lost.

You can either add the image URL and lock their profile (but then they can't edit it at all), or add the binary to the record. 

If you are willing to use Profile2, you can have more control over this. You can add an image for a user and then lock *just* the ability to change their profile. 

In addition, the following Jira will allow you to do exactly what you need:

If you don't want the other features of Profile2 then they can be disabled and it will revert to just being a Profile tool, nothing else (no status updates, no connections, no image gallery etc)

Let me know if I can be of more assistance, I can work with you to get a solution for you in Profile2.


On 22/01/2010, at 3:47 AM, Paul Gibbs wrote:

> We have a unique URL on a separate server for each student's school ID photo. Where in the database do I store the official photo URL? I want a student to be able to toggle between his or her own photo URL and the official photo URL. I see the following fields in SAKAI_PERSON_T, but I'm not sure how they work together:
> I don't want to physically upload JPEG photos in the database (which is, I suppose, the purpose of the JPEG_PHOTO blob field). But if I write the system picture URL in the PICTURE_URL field, it will be overwritten by a student's personalization, and then the student wouldn't be able to toggle back over to the official photo's URL.
> Can someone please advise?
> Paul Gibbs
> Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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