[Deploying Sakai] Custom metadata fields in resources, metadata in site/courses

Theodoros Theodoropoulos theod at physics.auth.gr
Tue Dec 21 00:10:10 PST 2010

Hi to all,

This is my first email to this list, so please be lenient if it has been 
answered before.
I have been evalutating Sakai (v2.6.x/2.7.x) for some time now, and I 
was wondering if there is an easy way to introduce custom metadata 
fields (ie Dublin Core metadata) to the resources page, under the "Edit 
Details -> Optional Properties" tab.
Furthermore, I thing it would be a good enhancement if Sakai could use 
searchable rich metadata to describe a whole site/course...
The functionality is there, so it should be fairly easy to be 

Looking forward to your answer,
Best regards,
Theodoropoulos Theodoros

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