[Deploying Sakai] Global Instance of JForum

my_mail_box at sibmail.com my_mail_box at sibmail.com
Tue Dec 14 02:40:34 PST 2010

Hi All,

I want to make an global forum on our sakai use etudes-JForum. Global
means that all registered sakai users can use this instance of forum, and
i could use the same forum in several sites. But i can't find the right
way to do this.

One of mine thoughts was to add JForum tools to !gateway site and then use
Web IFrame tools inside other sites with source to JForum from !gateway
site. But in this case not logged in users can view Forum tool in !gateway

Another way that i see is to use an "mock" site with tool JForum instead
of !gateway site, but in this case i need add each user to this "mock"

Does anybody have advice for me?


 Ivan Lazarev,
 Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics

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