[Deploying Sakai] CM API Issue

Zhen Qian zqian at umich.edu
Thu Aug 19 21:40:22 PDT 2010


Following is the code that generates instructor roster list in Worksite
Setup - within perpareCourseAndSectionMap() in SiteAction.java: 


Map map = groupProvider.getGroupRolesForUser(userId); 


Could you please verify that the above function in your groupProvider
implementation actually returns instructor A with instructor role for all
35 sections of Course 123? 

Here is another similar case: Prof. C is the lead instructor of Course 123,
but he only personally "teaches" Section 5. Multiple TAs are listed as
instructors for other sections. 

However, I don't think it is a problem for Prof. C to see list of all 35
sections when he wants to create a course site. He is somehow managing at
the CourseOffering level... 


- Zhen 

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010 15:10:37 -0700, Nathan Finley  wrote: CM API Issue All,

 I have literally just rolled out our CM API integration with Banner in
Sakai this week, and I am already running into an issue with
being enrolled in multiple sections at a time. The basics are that it seems
like for courses with multiple sections, instructors are going to create
sites and seeing all sections of a give course displayed by the API, not
just the one they are scheduled to instruct. In addition, we have a general
course for all first year students where in some cases about half of our
faculty are getting enrolled in every section as an instructor. They can
still create create a course site for their section, but they see every
section listed as well. I'll give a more definitive explanation below:

 Instructor A is schedule to teach Course 123, Section 5. There are 35
sections of Course 123 been taught in Fall 2010. When Instructor A goes to
Site Setup to create a course site, the CM API shows the roster option for
Sections 1 - 35, not just Section 5. Instructor A can still create a site
for Section 5 and does so successfully. Instructor B is scheduled to teach
Section 7, and the Site
Setup correctly shows Section 7 and the site is
setup correctly. However, Instructor B views the roster and Instructor A
appears on the roster list (enrolled according to the Course Offering, not
Instructor list).

 Again, this issue isn't affecting instructors teaching a course with only
one section. It seems to be affecting those courses with multiple sections.
I've been over my feeds several times and I'm not finding any errors. If
anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful to hear them. My eyes have
glossed over from staring at my feed files for two days.

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 University of the Pacific
 Office of Information Technology - Enterprise Applications
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 Sakai Support
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[2] https://mce_host/maize/sakai@pacific.edu
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