[Deploying Sakai] Problems with deprecated tools after upgrade

Markus Binsteiner lists.m at ilmark.us
Thu Aug 12 08:23:58 PDT 2010


I try to upgrade our existing Sakai 2.3.1 to 2.7.x and after installing
the latest code and running the db upgrade scripts tools like Discussion
and Presentation, which were deprecated along the way, are still showing
up on the tools list in the left menu (for existing sites). When
clicked, an empty page is shown.
They don't show up, though, in the "Site Info" -> "Edit tools" page, so
I don't see a way to remove them...
For new sites this obviously is not a problem.

Also, there is a problem which I suspect to be related to that: when
clicking "My Workspace" -> "Profile", for existing users also an empty
page is shown. For new users this tools works. I guess that has
something to do with the switch to Profile2 as the new default tool. Any
way to make Profile2 the default for all existing users?


Markus Binsteiner
Grid developer

Center for eResearch, BeSTGRID, University of Auckland

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