[Deploying Sakai] 2 separate instances of a tool on a site

Zhen Qian zqian at umich.edu
Thu Apr 22 20:33:15 PDT 2010

One of the tools that could benefit from SAK-7209 is Chat, since every Chat
tool instance has a unique channel-id. A site could have multiple Chat
tools with different channel ids, and each Chat tool only displays those
messages inside its own channel. 

However, the Wiki tool integrates tightly with User, Site, Realm and
resources services. It uses site to create a default wiki space into which
a user adds pages, and uses Realm object for permission wihin the current
site (http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/RWIKI/Home). Its root
object is always at the site level. 

However, you can try the following trick to "disguise" two Rwiki tools: 

1. Add two instances of wiki tools, either from Admin Sites tool or follow
the steps Matthew mentioned below: 

2. Go to Admin Sites tool (this is not doable in Site Info, nor the "Info"
page within Wiki itself), locate the tool, and note the following




you could create two pages inside the default Home page. Assign one page
as the home-page for one Wiki, and assign another to the second Wiki tool.
You can update the "home-page-friendly-name" attribute, too. 

Save. Refresh the tools. Now the two Wikis seem to be "different" then. 

Hope this helps. 

- Zhen 

On Thu, 22 Apr 2010 19:47:58 -0400, Matthew Jones  wrote: Yea, I'm not sure
the idea behind that. I don't think announcement would work by default
either because the default channel is the siteid. However an admin can
change the channel id on the page properties for announcements. 
  Edit: Site d8069233-4ee8-4071-ac5c-dc06c6abefcc / Page
6c41081c-46dc-4fe5-b7c1-8b8375e34672 / Tool
d8865d8f-6ea5-4a25-907a-9cc7a0f1f538  CHANNEL_ID =
/announcement/channel/d8069233-4ee8-4071-ac5c-dc06c6abefcc/main  However
the sakai news and web content are special because they have no special
tables, only the tool page and the associated page properties, this allows
you to have multiple pages per
site with different page properties.  Since
sitepagetool it seems like it wouldn't matter what you used as your
identifier and it might be better to go all the way down and use the page
or the tool.  But I'm not expert on the inner workings of all of this, it
just seems like it wouldn't be a problem, even with the site restoration
trick you mentioned to get things back. The only problem would be all
existing rwiki's would need a conversion script to fix their realm in the
objects, and that's something we don't have a great process of handling
yet. (though is something being worked on for another issue)

 On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 7:21 PM, Steve Swinsburg  wrote:
  Interesting, I was always under the impression that tools should always
bind to the siteid/userid as the identifier for persisting data, rather
than the specific page instance they are on?  I know this breaks the
ability for multiple instances of some tools (those that don't support
multiple parts in them anyway), but data
that is then safely persisted to
the site. If the site is deleted it can be retrieved by re-creating the
site with the same siteid (found in an email, bookmark or logfile), and all
data in tools is still there, you just need to readd the tool to the site. 
If the data for a tool was tied to a page, that would be more difficult to
obtain and recreate.  For those tools that do support multiples, eg Web
Content/News etc, they have limited data (generally a single URL and a
title) so associating them with a pageid is probably ok.  cheers, Steve   
  On 23/04/2010, at 8:04 AM, Matthew Jones wrote: 
 The feature that enables this was implemented in
http://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-7209 [2]  [3](Allow multiple
instances of new tools)  However, only a few tools have been set by default
to allow multiple instances. I believe this was because not all tools work
correctly and they weren't all tested out with this feature. Unfortunately
rwiki is one of these and it uses the siteid as an
identifier rather than
the page id. So even if you enabled it for multiple tools, the content will
still always be the same. I can look into this to see what it would take to
change this, but it's probably not trivial.  Anyway, normally to make the
change to allow multiple instances (since I'd already typed it up) on a
live system all you'd have to do is:  (This is in your tomcat home
directory) 1) Edit webapps/sakai-rwiki-tool/tools/sakai.rwiki.xml Add in
the configuration for allowMultipleInstances somewhere near the bottom
before the  _ _  Then either restart the instance, or just get the tool to
redeploy by 'touching' web.xml (in unix or with unxutils [1] in windows). 
(Should get tomcat to 'redeploy' rwiki) 2) touch
webapps/sakai-rwiki-tool/WEB-INF/web.xml   3) Then you should either update
this file in your sakai-rwiki-tool.war (you can just use zip), or if you're
building from source, update it there so the change is permanent.  If you
did this you'd notice the screenshot
below where you can add multiple
instance of wiki with different names but they are all identical, and they
all will have the same global name which is the site id
(/site/590ca56b-c081-4616-bde1-8dbe907d1a30/home). :( I'm guessing it
wouldn't be *hard* to change this id to include the page, but it probably
would be hard to change it and also retain compatibility with all of the
existing wikis with old references. 

  [1] http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/ [4]  On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 5:01
PM, Sri Kota  wrote:
 Hello Friends,
I want to have 2 separate instances of the Wiki on the same worksite.

Currently, when I try to create a "New Tool", it gives me a copy of the
first instance.

How can I have multiple instances of a tool on the same site?


- Sri
Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu

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