[Deploying Sakai] Can't log in with clustering

Kusnetz, Jeremy JKusnetz at APUS.EDU
Fri Apr 9 06:04:01 PDT 2010

It certainly isn't a load issue, we are still in the development stage
getting things figured out and put together.  Seems to happen after
apache has been running for a couple of hours, a restart of apache seems
to fix the problem temporarily.  Obviously we can't go into production
like this.

Glad to know you are on the standard apache RPM for RHEL5 with no

I'll reply back once we figure out what the issue is for everyone's
benift.  Hey I can be optimistic. :)

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On 04/08/2010 05:07 PM, Kusnetz, Jeremy wrote:
> I'll probably try to downgrade back to the official apache the RHEL5
> comes with, but what I read is there are a lot of improvements to
> mod_proxy_ajp since 2.2.3, all Red Hat does is supply security
> not actual improvements to the code for 2.2.3

Hey Jeremy,

When I dug through the RHEL5 Apache RPM, there were literally hundreds
of patches from later versions. I discovered that many of the patches I
would have applied were already there, and at least two of them were bug
fixes that were the whole reason I wanted to upgrade Apache in the first

I probably don't know enough to comment on your AJP problems, though I
can tell you we are using the standard RHEL5 RPM for Apache, using a
standalone Tomcat install, and we aren't seeing that problem.

Is this problem happening consistently, making the application unusable,
or is this something that shows up under load?
Martin B. Smith
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