[Deploying Sakai] Restoring from a backup

leonardo jr escorido escorido at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 1 01:41:59 PDT 2010

Thanks Stephen for looking in and the suggestion.

I investigated it further and found out that Sakai has 2 options storing uploaded files: in the db(default), in the file system(setting the bodyPath at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService property).

The Sakai instance where I backed up the db from uses Option 2, while I restored the db for my local Sakai instance (using the default sakai.properties) that uses Option 1. So there goes the cause, next will be finding/doing the solution. I am still soliciting any advice from anyone who have done or knowledgeable on this.


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We recently changed our backup script config to include --hex-blob e.g.

/usr/bin/mysqldump --verbose --hex-blob --max-allowed-packet=64M --debug-info --quick --single-transaction 

May be relevant.

>>> leonardo jr escorido <escorido at yahoo.com> 4/1/2010 5:45 AM >>> 

I am beginning to think that this is more of a db issue than a Sakai, but still posting it here hoping someone had successfully restored Sakai data from a backup and will share how they managed to do this.

I backup a db (using Sakai 2.5 schema), restored it in a new db. There were no errors when restoring, then ran the migration scripts to Sakai 2.6 schema. I am able to use the data from the backup, except for those data stored as blob type, like resources/files uploaded to Sakai. 
When clicking on the images already uploaded, it is not rendered. 
After downloading document files from the application, the files cannot be opened.

I believe this has been done successfully. I will appreciate it very much any advice.

Thanks a lot,




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