[Deploying Sakai] poll option text being truncated

Ron Peterson rpeterso at mtholyoke.edu
Mon Sep 28 13:37:50 PDT 2009


I've got a weird issue w/ the poll tool.  Running 2.5.x, w/ FCKeditor from 2.6.

We can create polls just fine.  The problem is that when adding options,
the option text is truncated.  Characters at both the beginning and end
are simply lopped off.  Not long text strings.  e.g.

'abcdefghijklmnop' becomes 'defghijkl'

This used to work for us, the problem probably originated this summer
when we applied the latest 2.5.x patches, and upgraded the FCKeditor.

I've checked the database, and the short string is what's being stored.
I.e. doesn't seem to be a strange display issue.

Any ideas?


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