[Deploying Sakai] Subject Drop Down of SAKAI worksite is empty

Ishtiaq Ahmad organic.ishtiaq at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 23:18:49 PDT 2009

I am trying to integrate sakai with SIS. I have populated SAKAI tables with
SIS data. Academic Session are present in the dropdown but Subject, Course,
Section are empty.
I am attaching reference files. Please tell me what could be the issue.
Is there any bean configuration for Subject DropDown institutional specific

I am using default implementation of "CourseManagementServiceHibernateImpl"

CM_MEMBER_CONTAINER_T.csv: snapshot of table data.
worksite.doc: worksite screen shots

I found the following query from database trace.

SELECT   coursesetc0_.member_container_id AS member1_60_,
         coursesetc0_.VERSION AS version60_,
         coursesetc0_.last_modified_by AS last4_60_,
         coursesetc0_.last_modified_date AS last5_60_,
         coursesetc0_.created_by AS created6_60_,
         coursesetc0_.created_date AS created7_60_,
         coursesetc0_.enterprise_id AS enterprise8_60_,
         coursesetc0_.title AS title60_,
         coursesetc0_.description AS descrip10_60_,
         coursesetc0_.CATEGORY AS category60_,
         coursesetc0_.parent_course_set AS parent18_60_
    FROM cm_member_container_t coursesetc0_
   WHERE coursesetc0_.class_discr =

     *AND coursesetc0_.CATEGORY = :1*
ORDER BY coursesetc0_.title

*This query executes but Bind variable ':1' has null value. Please tell me
where can i setup this category value...*

I will be very thankful to you...

Ishtiaq Ahmad
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