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I think  Berkeley does something similar – I believe they have a CourseManagementService implementation that is backed by materialized views against their Banner or a copy of their Banner DB.


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It just occurred to me that someone might want to know a little bit more information.

Our SIS is stored on a SQL Server database. We would like to have Sakai automatically set up students, profs, academic years, courses, course offerings, and class rosters using the SQL database. That way, if we add a student or drop a student from a class using our SIS, Sakai will reflect that change. Regarding user authentication—our database has user IDs and passwords, but we can’t access the passwords outside of the proprietary software. My thought was to add a custom record to our SIS to store their Active Directory user account, and then authenticate on LDAP and have Sakai retrieve the student information associated in the SQL database with that AD account. (Hope that makes sense!)

I would still like to be able to create one-off users and project sites, however, in addition to managing courses using the integration. However, I’m willing to let that go if necessary.


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Does anyone have any documentation on setting up an SIS with the course management service other than this: http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/DOC/Sakai+Admin+Guide+-+Course+Integration?

I found this: http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/SAKDEV/Course+Management+Integration, but that was written for 2.4.x. Is this still valid?


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