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Can you login successfully? The first thing to try doing is creating a site and populating it with tools. Go to Worksite Setup in the Admin site and create the site there. After the site is created, add/subtract tools in Site Info for that site. 

Have a look at confluence.sakaiproject.org and look through the documentation. What are you trying to do?

Which installation did you download and install? Did you go the long route of installing MySQL, Maven, Tomcat, and compiling/deploying from source? Or did you download the demo version and just launch start-sakai.sh from the demo folder? 

How many students are you planning to serve on Sakai, and what kind of hardware are you planning to use?

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I am a student at SPSU (GA). We are trying to implement sakai. I have it installed on a CentOS system and have it running. I am so confused on how to go on from there. Can anyone give me instructions on how to go about it. We currently run VISTA 8 here. I am not clear where to find instructions about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am the only on working on this so it appears all weird to me. 

Thanks in advance 
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