[Deploying Sakai] 2.6.0-2.6.1 mysql conversion

Matthew Jones jonespm at umich.edu
Mon Oct 26 08:09:26 PDT 2009

This probably is related to case sensitivity of the table names. I was
testing this on a mysql running on windows which doesn't have
distinction for case. I was just talking to Noah and he said likely,
unless you'd had options set, the table names need to be in upper case
for sakai tables.

Try making both of the lowercase table names in the script
(assignment_submission, assignment_submission_id_temp) into uppercase
that fixes it.


On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 10:44 AM, Tom Hall <thall at brocku.ca> wrote:
> Good Day Everyone
> I have just built ans started to test 2.6.1 on our development system.
> When I attempted to run the sakai_2_6_0-2_6_1_mysql_conversion.sql upgrade
> script I got the following error repeated 16 times.
> ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'sakai26.assignment_submission' doesn't exist
> corresponding to the internationization fix in the assignment_submission
> talbe.
> This table does not exist on any of our systems.  Are we missign something
> or is that part of an optional module/tool?
> Thanks
> Tom
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