[Deploying Sakai] Google Chrome and Sakai?

Knoop, Peter knoop at umich.edu
Thu May 21 09:50:25 PDT 2009

I received a few inquiries over the last couple weeks about Sakai and Google Chrome.  Anyone have much experience yet with this combo that they could share?  Anyone seeing significant use of Chrome with their Sakai instance these days, and including it as one of their supported browsers for their local deployment?  For the University of Michigan's Sakai instance, known as CTools, Chrome was the #4 browser at 3.44% during April 2009; suggesting folks are generally not having any difficulty using it with Sakai 2.5 at least.

If there are any major gotchas to share, please feel free to note them here for others to learn from:


And if they are serious, specific bugs of which you are aware, please capture them to Jira too.



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