[Deploying Sakai] Sakai Local/Regional and Language Groups

Knoop, Peter knoop at umich.edu
Thu Jun 11 09:46:51 PDT 2009

A question I received recently about local Sakai user groups reminds me that as the number of Sakai deployment has continued to expand, there are probably more people now running Sakai near each other, or who share a common language (other than English), then ever before.  There are already some local Sakai groups, such as the New York City Regional Sakai group, the Spanish Sakai group (which is mostly organizations in Spain, but also communicates in Spanish), and others:


You might want to take a look around you and see who else is running Sakai:

If there are enough of you in an area, or who share a common language, then you might think about starting your own regional or language Sakai group to get together and talk Sakai periodically, in addition to participating in the global Sakai community.  (If your deployment is not shown on the above map, please get in touch with Anthony Whyte, arwhyte at umich.edu, and let's get you on there!)  If you're interested in setting up a local Sakai group, please let me know.

Sakai Project Coordinator

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