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I disagree with this assessment - sakai runs on a jvm - not an OS. We
run Sakai in production on windows and have zero issues to date (in
prod since 2005) that are related to the OS in any way.

I would venture to say that sun jvms are more solid on windows than
other os's  due to the breadth of deployment to that platform.

Install Tomcat as a service, set the jvm args in the tomcat5w.exe
dialog, drop in the Sakai binary release, and Sakai runs fine,


On 7/18/09, Paul Gibbs <pgibbsjr at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Paul,
> >From my (extremely) limited experience, it may be better to run Sakai in
> Linux on a W2008 VM than to run it on Windows natively. It is hard to
> troubleshoot Sakai on Windows because the user base is overwhelmingly
> Linux-based. Also, for the uninitiated, the ability to rollback to a prior
> snapshot in Hyper-V or VMWare are extremely helpful in keeping you from
> shooting yourself in the foot when making changed!
> I installed on VMWare ESXi. I am so relieved I went with a VM.
> Regarding install---I have a set of instructions for installing on Debian.
> E-mail me privately if this is something that might help you (it's not ready
> for primetime yet). After running Moodle, I found the installation process
> absolutely infuriating.
> Paul Gibbs
> Registrar
> Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary
> Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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> Subject: [Deploying Sakai] Deployment of Sakai Small Organizations
> I am aware that one of the objectives of Sakai 3 is to improve the
> installation and maintenance process for staff not experience with Java.
> The installation process for the current version has been a personal hurdle
> to overcome.  I would appreciate it if anyone can point me to a source
> document for a Windows Server 2003/2008 installation and lessons learned you
> might want to share?
> In reference to deployment models, JumpBox.com (a provider of prepackage
> open source software) is planning to release a Sakai implementation in the
> near future, that I believe will increase the potential installation base.
> JumpBox makes use of a public voting system to determine which applications
> are selected for deployment, please vote at the URL shown below to elevate
> the count. (no login required)
>  <http://jumpbox.uservoice.com> http://jumpbox.uservoice.com
> Furthermore I am interested in talking to anyone who is working in a K-12
> District using Sakai.
> Thanks
> Paul Ross
> Technology Director
> Bexley City School District, Ohio
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