[Deploying Sakai] U-M Successfully Completes Fall 2009 Teaching Evaluations

Sean DeMonner demonner at umich.edu
Tue Dec 22 04:46:27 PST 2009


After a difficult Winter 2009 term that saw a number of problems with  
our use of the EVALSYS tool, I'm pleased to report that U-M has just  
completed a very successful run for Fall 2009. Some details:

- For the Fall 09 end-of-term evaluations running 12/4->12/15, 22790  
students (68.6% possible) submitted 108,742 Teaching Questionnaires  
(58.9% possible).

- The final histogram chart of responses may be viewed here: http:// 

- The comparison chart of response rates per term is here: http:// 

Over the past six months the U-M team has worked hard on many  
performance improvements including hardware upgrades, code changes,  
email processing rewrites, caching, query reduction/tuning, turning  
presence off, and extending the submission period. Combined these  
efforts had the desired affect of flattening the response curve and  
stabilizing the system:

- The highest incoming rates for F09 end-of-term evaluations were:
	- 1 second with 6 submissions
	- 1 minute with 49 submissions
	- 1 hour with 1754 submissions

This is compared to W08 end of term peak rates of:
	- 5 seconds with 7 submissions
	- 1 minute with 160 submissions
	- 1 hour with 3700 submissions.


Sean DeMonner, IT Senior Project Manager, CTools Implementation Group
Digital Media Commons @ The Duderstadt Center, U-M      (734) 615-9765

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