[Deploying Sakai] Production installations using Apache Compression?

Seth Theriault slt at columbia.edu
Tue Dec 8 04:30:14 PST 2009

Stephen Marquard wrote:

> We've been running it for a while (2 years?). No problems so 
> far, though I think we did need to update to apache httpd 
> 2.2 before it worked reliably.

We too have been running mod_deflate for a long time under 
Apache 2.2.

There are 2 changes to consider against the Apache settings 
documented in the Admin Guide:

-- Adding another MIME type

We found (under 2.5.x at least) that a couple of the *.js 
files were being delivered using the "application/javascript" 
MIME type. We had to add that to the list of deflateable 

-- MSIE handling

The settings in the Admin Guide apear to exclude IE 8 from 
mod_deflate eligibility; more specifically, they whitelist IE 
7. A better tactic would be to exclude the "troublesome" IE 
versions (some really old 5 and 6 versions). We plan on 
rolling out that sort of fix shortly.


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