[Deploying Sakai] Production installations using Apache Compression?

Stephen Marquard stephen.marquard at uct.ac.za
Tue Dec 8 00:04:43 PST 2009

We've been running it for a while (2 years?). No problems so far, though I think we did need to update to apache httpd 2.2 before it worked reliably.


>>> James Renfro <jlrenfro at ucdavis.edu> 2009/12/08 01:56 AM >>>
Curious to know if anybody's using Apache to handle compression
(mod_deflate), and if you've run into any issues specific to Sakai. From
what I've been reading, it doesn't seem like there's any obvious
disadvantage that's applicable to a normal Sakai installation - e.g.
increased processor usage.


c.f. Sakai Admin Guide directions on setting it up

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