[Deploying Sakai] Unable to remove multiple instances of aresource in 2.5.x

Stephen Marquard stephen.marquard at uct.ac.za
Tue Aug 18 13:10:12 PDT 2009

I'd take a look in the database to see what's going on - the relevant tables are CONTENT_RESOURCE (files) and CONTENT_COLLECTION (folders). 

CONTENT_RESOURCE has a reference to the physical file location (FILE_PATH).

>>> Chris Woods <csw at alumni.unh.edu> 8/18/2009 10:04 PM >>> 
Noah and Steve,

Thanks for the suggestions and backgroudn info but the trouble is 
apparently not so easily remedied.

A few more details:

There are six instances of the folder I attempted to upload via webdav. 
Not sure how six identical instances came to be but there it is. 
Subfolders also multiplied by a factor of six and so on. If I change the 
name of instance 1 the names of instances 2 through 6 change as well. 
This is not, as I understand it, normal resource tool behavior.

The resources tool will not allow removal one-by-one or as a group 
because it claims I do not have the required permissions although it 
shows the folders belong to me, etc.

I work off a Kubuntu Linux laptop and used webdav in Konqueror 
initially. Suspecting that my webdav client might be to blame I used my 
Windows machine to attempt to remove the folders via webdav. I 
cheerfully reported that the folders were deleted - hurrah! Only when I 
logged back into Sakai all six remain.

So how to get rid of these? Where are they physically on the system? In 
the FS or the DB? Can I delete them manually somehow?

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