[Deploying Sakai] Is anybody storing resource bodies in database?

Jim Eng jimeng at umich.edu
Tue Apr 21 20:45:15 PDT 2009

This is a very important question. It's not an immediate crisis, but  
we may need information in planning for how to help you convert to  
filesystem storage of resource bodies at some point. Here are my  

If you think you might be running sakai in production or pilot using  
database storage of resource bodies, please reply to this email.  
Please also tell us what version of sakai you are running.  If you are  
running 2.5 or later, are you using BINARY_ENTITY or XML serialization  
of resources.

I believe that Sakai out of the box is configured to store resource  
bodies as BLOB's in a database table , I believe, but that is not  
recommended for production.

If you think you might be using database storage of content bodies in  
pilot or production and you're unsure of how to answer the other  
questions, please reply and we will help figure out what needs to be  


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